Cobi Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Memphis Belle Aircraft Toy Set


Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Building Blocks Set - Large WWII Heavy-Bomber with Exclusive Pilot Figure

Discover the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Building Blocks Set, a highly detailed model of the renowned American long-range heavy-bomber designed by Boeing Airplane Company. This iconic aircraft played a crucial role in serving the Allies during World War II, participating in numerous powerful carpet raids.

Our B-17 Flying Fortress model is the largest block aircraft from COBI, featuring moving elements such as wheels, wing ailerons, onboard weapons, and propellers. The set includes an opening hatch under the deck to release the included bombs. Decorated with pad-printing, the model showcases authentic war period painting, including a special "Mascot of Memphis" print on the cabin.

This extensive, solidly constructed model is perfect for aviation or history enthusiasts and younger block fans alike. The faithful reproduction of details and block construction, which doesn't require gluing or painting, adds to the appeal of this set.

An exclusive pilot figure in uniform comes with the aircraft, featuring a printed emblem on the cap and body. This unique pilot figure complements the B-17 Flying Fortress "Memphis Belle" and is a collector's delight. Order this impressive building blocks set today and enrich your collection!

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