If you find you are missing bricks....
  1. Don't Panic: If you notice any missing or defective bricks during the building process, don't worry....we have a "No Builder Left Behind" guarantee.

  2. Check Other Bags/Continue Building: Proceed with building the set as much as you can. Sometimes, the missing bricks might be in the bags for the next step of the build.  Sometimes spare bricks are in other bags.  Please check other bags prior to requesting replacements.

  3. Document Missing Bricks: If you still have missing or defective bricks, take photos of the instructions with the missing/defective bricks circled. Make sure to note the quantity missing/needed on instructions.

  4. Send us a Request for Missing Bricks: Fill out the replacement parts request form on this page and send the photos as an attachment so there is no confusion what bricks you need.  Sample below:

Please include your name and address so we know where to ship replacements and place of purchase (if a gift please notate where they purchased; if known).   If this information is missing, we cannot complete your order.

  Someone will respond with resolution within 24 hours.  Because we leave No Builder Left Behind, you will receive replacement parts as quickly as possible.