Cobi Messerschmitt Bf 110D Aircraft Building Blocks Toy Bricks Set # 5


Discover the renowned BF 110D, a twin-engine German fighter-bomber aircraft from World War II, with our building blocks set. Produced between 1938 and 1945, the BF 110D featured several versions, including the B version equipped with 4 MG 17 and 2 x MG FF 20mm rifles in the nose and a single MG 15 on a movable station at the fuselage end, operated by a radio operator. The aircraft was successfully utilized during the September and French campaigns, eventually transitioning to a bomber role.

Our COBI BF 110D model boasts numerous movable elements, such as rotating wheels with rubber tires, adjustable propellers, and flaps. The cabin accommodates two full-size pilot figures. Adorned with pad-printed markings reflecting its Mediterranean Greek campaign operation, the model showcases high-quality prints resistant to scratching, fading, and smudging during play. This set is perfect for aviation enthusiasts of all ages, with its accurate proportions and details making it a valuable addition to any history and aviation collection. An elegant block display stand and a nameplate featuring the model's name complete the set.

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