Modular Convenience Store & Gas Station Building Blocks Set - 320 Piece Creator Street Bricks | General Jim's Toys

$34.99 $43.99

Dive into the world of urban exploration with General Jim's Modular Convenience Store & Gas Station Building Set! Crafted with 320 versatile bricks, this Creator Street model lets you design your bustling cityscape. The finished build measures 16 cm x 13.7cm x 14.4 cm, packed with intricate details.

Inside, discover a bustling convenience store scene: a counter with a cash register, stocked shelves, and fresh fruit and veggies alongside a chilled beverage cooler. Ascend to the upper floor patio, complete with inviting tables, umbrellas, and blooming flowers, perfect for a leisurely meal.

Remove the top for a peek inside and enjoy the meticulously designed porch featuring a drinks cooler and General Jim's signature "Gulp and Go" sign. Plus, the set includes all shown accessories for enhanced play.

Compatible with all major brick building brands, this set seamlessly integrates into your existing collection. Embrace the cityscape and elevate your brick-building experience with General Jim's guarantee of 100% satisfaction. Should you encounter any issues or require replacement parts, our dedicated customer service team is just a message away.

With our "No Builder Left Behind Guarantee," we ensure excellent customer service. Encounter any issues or need replacement parts? Contact us through email or online replacement parts form for a quick resolution or hassle-free return.



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