New York Sanctorum Sanctum - Magic Library Santuary Building Blocks City Modular City Building Blocks Set | General Jim's Toys

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Explore the General Jim's Magic Library Haunted Mansion City Themed Modular Building Blocks Set. The perfect family build or gift for brick enthusiasts, including teens and adults. This captivating four-floor build is rich in details and features fun accessories.

The first floor boasts a cozy sitting room with a couch, chairs, fireplace, and a tea/coffee set. Ascend to the second level surrounded by bookcases and a banister overlooking the first floor. The third floor unveils an apartment area with a bed, fireplace, table, chairs, restroom, and kitchen. On the fourth floor, discover an intriguing ventilation fan and display cases with artifacts, while the roof sports a distinctive water tank.

With a substantial 6,564 pieces, the completed build measures 42cm long, 26cm wide, and 43cm tall.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with both Lego City Sets and other leading brick building brands, ensuring compatibility for current and future city constructions.

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