US Marines Osprey V-22 Building Blocks Toy Helicopter Plane

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US Marines Osprey V-22 Bell Boeing Helicopter Building Blocks Toy Bricks Plane

Army Toys for Military Building Blocks - Toy Army Jet Plane - The V22 Osprey Helicopter Aircraft - The Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey is a multi-mission military aircraft with both vertical takeoff and landing, and short takeoff and landing capabilities. It is designed to combine the functionality of a helicopter but with the long-range & high-speed performance of a turboprop aircraft. Build your own V-22 Osprey brick model set with this rare gem! Measures 17in Length x 23in Width x 5.5in Height.   Product comes unassembled with detailed printed paper instructions.

General Jim’s building blocks are compatible with Lego®, Cobi®, Wange, Sembo® and all major brick building brands.

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