Modular Greenhouse Botanical Flowers Toy Bricks Set

$34.99 $49.99

General Jim's Toys and Bricks Building Blocks Modular Greenhouse Botanical Flowers Toy Bricks Set. The flower house building toy set is attractive that there are many different plants in the room and the vines covering with the glass wall outside. Also some potted plants are displayed at door, a bench and a dustbin are putted at the left. Creative a thriving greenhouse, idea decoration in your room, greening column, under the tree, etc. Almost Transparent Design - Four walls constructed of transparent bricks and create a realistic glass greenhouse with openable windows, door, skylight and roof, convenient for you to see the scene in the house. Encourage children unleash their imagination and imagine having a good time in a beautiful greenhouse. Compatible with all major brick building brands and comes with detailed instructions.

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