Matilda Infantry Tank MK.II A12 World War 2 British Heavy Tank Building Blocks Set


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The Infantry Tank Mark II, known as the Matilda, was a British infantry tank of the Second World War. With its heavy armor, the Matilda II was an excellent infantry support tank but with somewhat limited speed and weapons. The Matilda weighed around 27 long tons. It had a 40 mm tank gun in a three-man turret. The main weapon against unarmored targets was the machine gun. This tank model has a highly detailed appearance, with features such as a rotating turret, moveable gun barrel, and realistic caterpillar tracks. The tank also has historically accurate camouflage pattern and markings. The Matilda II was a heavily armored tank that was used extensively by the British Army during World War II. It was known for its durability and reliability, making it a popular choice among infantry forces. It was the only tank in the world to ever named after a woman. The model offers a unique and creative way for builders to learn about the history of the Matilda II tank and the part it played in World War II. It also provides an enjoyable and challenging project for model enthusiasts to assemble and display and or play with. This set has 1211 pieces. Finished measurement is 4.75 x 10 x 6.5 tall .These quality blocks are compatible with all other major brand building blocks. Great addition to your military themed building block bricks collection.

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