3 Level Lunatic Mad House Lunatic Asylum Hospital Modular City Building Blocks Set with Lighting | General Jim's Toys

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General Jim’s 3-Level Lunatic Asylum Hospital Mad House – a City Modular Architecture Building Blocks Set with dynamic lighting. The first floor welcomes guests with a front desk area, file water cooler, phone, and four jail cells with moving bar doors. A metal detector and doctor's area add authenticity, while a dedicated visitor space equipped with glass and phones enhances the eerie ambiance. Ascend the double set of stairs to the second floor, where a quarantine area with a chamber and clear glass cells awaits. Security cameras intensify the atmosphere, creating a captivating build experience.

The third floor hosts the lunchroom with tables, benches, and food, complemented by a security office equipped with monitors. A glassed-in treatment room adorned with accessories adds a chilling touch to the setting. The roof is adorned with decorative pieces and a spotlight, bringing the entire structure to life. With more than 7500 bricks, LED interior lighting, and a working spotlight, this challenging and intriguing build promises hours of fascination.  Delivered unassembled, the product includes detailed assembly instructions.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with Lego City Sets and other leading brick building brands, ensuring compatibility for current and future city builds.


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