Military 99-T Building Blocks Main Battle Tank Building Blocks Set


Construct a realistic 99-T Chinese third-generation main battle tank using this 1,340-piece building bricks set. The Type 99 has hunter-killer capabilities, and fire control system had an IR automatic target tracker. It could fire on the move with a dual-axis stabilized main gun, the gunner thermal sight was stabilized, and it had an advanced ballistic computer and a laser range finder. This set has a turret that turns, as well as a cannon that moves up and down. The turret cabin can be opened, and the track set of the tank is designed with suspension. Explore the tank's advanced fire control system and enjoy the convenience of painted bricks without stickers.

General Jim’s building blocks are compatible with Lego®, Cobi®, Wange, Sembo® and all major brick building brands.

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