Military Germany Karl Heavy Tank Morser Carronade Mortar Toy Railway Building Blocks Set

$189.99 $219.99

General Jim's WW2 German Karl Heavy Tank Carronade Mortar Railway Building Blocks Bricks Set is an impressive 4158-piece set inspired by the formidable German Morser from World War 2. Crafted to perfection, this Mega KARL Carronade model features a Mörser model, front and rear tractors, and a tracked chassis.

The detachable design ensures easy transport, allowing the Mörser to swiftly support battles when combat commences. For expert builders this Karl Bricks Set comes unassembled, accompanied by detailed printed paper instructions for fun yet challenging construction building experience.

General Jim’s building blocks are designed to seamlessly integrate with Cobi, Lego and other major brick building brands, ensuring compatibility for current and future military additions.

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