Cobi VOUGHT F4U-4™ Corsair® Building Blocks Aircraft Toy Set # 2417


The Vought F4U-4 Corsair was a US Navy fighter aircraft. It was produced from 1942-1952 by Vought-Sikorsky Aircraft. The popular "Corsair" entered service in 1942. The design process, however, dates back to 1938. The characteristic shape of the hinged wings and the rearward-shifted pilot's cockpit were the result of numerous modifications during the design and testing phase of the prototypes. The culmination of the design work was a construction with exceptional performance, considered by many to be the best fighter of World War II.

Corsairs were used by American units during the Korean War. In the initial period, there were dog fights between the F4U and the Yak-9 fighters, but with the arrival of the MiG-15, Corsairs in Korea were withdrawn to the role of support aircraft and night fighters. The plane was armed with six 12.7mm Browning machine guns, two 450kg bombs or eight 127mm HVAR unguided missiles. The first African-American US Navy pilot (whose life inspired a film script) sat at the controls of just such a machine.

The Vought F4U-4 Corsair kit was released under the license of the Northrop-Grumman concern and contains 520 high-quality components. The historical pilot figure has been enriched with an additional head that can be mounted interchangeably. The fighter plane model from COBI was created with attention to the smallest details in a 1:32 scale. It is covered with high-quality prints that do not wear off even during intensive use. The cabin opens and a figure can be placed in it. Other moving parts include ailerons, a propeller and folding wheels. The printed markings refer to the heroic pilot from the Korean War. The whole set is complemented by a display plate with the name of the aircraft model printed on it. The Corsair by COBI also perfectly complements the other WWII and Korean war planes in 1:32 scale. It is one of the most beautiful block models ever made and always attracts attention due to the extremely characteristic appearance of hinged and folded wings.

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