General Jim's Toys and Bricks BT-7 Calvary Russian Army Tank Building Blocks Set


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Features & details

    462 pieces to build BT-7 Russian Army Tank Building Blocks Set. The BT-7was the last of the BT's of Soviet cavalry tanks. It was a light tank initially designed to move rapidly in and out of combat , it was used to harass and outmaneuver heavier tanks. It is smaller in size with thinner armor and a less powerful main gun, tailored for better tactical mobility and ease of transport. It was designed to carry a 3 man crew: the commander (who also served as the gunner); the loader and the driver. It was armed with45 mm anti-tank gun M1932/38 (20-K)and2 x 7.62 mm DT machine gun. It comes with all accessories shown.  Tank Turret rotates and moves up and down. Internal compartments.  Compatible with all major brick building brands. Product comes unassembled wrapped in original polybag packaging with printed paper instructions.

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