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DIY Modular Architectural Houses & Buildings Building Blocks Set- 4030 Piece Street view Creator Corner Post Office Building Block Toy Brick Set House. Lower floor is a post office complete with counter , cash register and seats for a waiting area, it also has a sorting room in the back. The outside has a park bench street light and postboxes as well as a red mail truck. Then the next Two floors contain a hidden gem, an art school. The second floor is decorated with paints , easels , a pot of flowers on the table for the students to paint. The is also a piece of art hanging on the wall. The third floor is for pottery students complete with pottery wheels and some finished projects sitting around.  Comes with LED Light Set.  Product comes with detailed printed paper instructions.

General Jim’s building blocks are compatible with Lego®, Cobi®, Wange, Sembo® and all major brick building brands. 

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