Banana Cabin Ice Cream Shop Modular Building Blocks Toy Bricks Set

$24.99 $34.99

Introducing General Jim's Banana Cabin Ice Cream Shop Stand – a delightful enhancement for any playroom! Immerse young builders in a world of imaginative play with our 396 high-quality building blocks, featuring realistic details and intricate interior elements. Assembling their own creation fosters both creativity and construction skills.

This versatile set serves as more than just a play option; it doubles as a charming decoration or playset. Designed to promote excellent hand-eye coordination and ignite imaginative thinking, the finished build stands at 6.5 inches tall, 6 inches wide, and 4.5 inches deep. Delivered unassembled with comprehensive building instructions, this fantastic addition is a must-have for every brick enthusiast!

General Jim’s building blocks are compatible with Lego®, Cobi®, Wange, Sembo® and all major brick building brands. 

With our "No Builder Left Behind Guarantee," we ensure excellent customer service. Encounter any issues or need replacement parts? Contact us through email or online replacement parts form for a quick resolution or hassle free return.

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