General Jim’s Toys & Bricks – Fun Benefits for the Whole Family!

The benefits of building toys for both children and adults are varied and well-documented. Building blocks and brick sets are an amazing hobby for adults and provide challenging builds to keep you entertained for hours on end.  If you haven’t involved your children in your building blocks passion or are new to building block sets, now is a great time to introduce your kids to a fun family activity that General Jim’s products offer.  The holidays are approaching and what better time to give our kids the gift of the many benefits of building blocks and brick sets.

In this blog, we’ll go into some of the benefits of introducing the children in your lives to building toys. Building blocks not only provides great fun for children but also help them develop crucial skills that will benefit them in all walks of life. Additionally, we’ll touch on a few of these benefits and explain the different ways a building toy will aid in your child’s development.


Inspires Creativity

What inspires creativity more in a child than literally giving them the tools to create whatever they imagine? A space station, a car, a dinosaur, a castle: the options are only limited to a child’s imagination, which tends to be unlimited. Giving children the ability to create whatever they want from the resource’s available paves the way for lifelong creativity skills, that will help them in all areas of life.


Encourages and Teaches Following Instructions

Following instructions may seem like the opposite of creativity in many ways. However, following instructions is a crucial skill, nonetheless. When you buy a new building set, you must look at the instructions to put it together properly. If one piece is placed incorrectly, the rest of the pieces might not fit right. In this way, children learn the importance of following instructions clearly. Following instructions may not be the average child’s idea of fun. But later in life, and even in their school years, the ability to follow instructions will sure come in handy.


Builds Confidence

When a child finally put together a building set from instructions or complete their own creation using their brainpower, they get a great sense of accomplishment. Looking at their finished product makes them feel confident and reinforces the idea that they can create whatever they set their mind to and that anything is possible.


Teaches Problem Solving

Problem-solving is yet another crucial life skill for children to learn. General Jim’s building blocks sets encourage problem-solving as they allow children to figure out how to create something with the available resources. It teaches them to be adaptable. It also encourages them to not give up. Sometimes it is hard finding that right piece or get that piece in the right spot, but building toys encourage children to keep persisting to put it all together.


Benefits For the Parents

Building toys are very immersive. Give yourself a break by giving your kids something to focus on and have fun doing. We have building toys to suit all interests’ kids may have. Anything from trucks, planes, tanks, dinosaurs, buildings, trees, weapon sets and much more. No matter your child’s interests, we likely have a set to cover it. Shop our products today and find a toy for your child that provides fun and learning.