Costume Shop Castle Building Blocks MOC Modular Toy Bricks Set For Adults and Children

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Costume Shop Castle Building Blocks Modular Toy Bricks Set For Adults and Children. This Costume Shop set shows the iconic streetscape architecture of European towns. For those who like to appreciate European architecture, this is a great gift or addition to your building blocks collection. This dreamland costume store is additionally equipped with a luxurious LED light set, which can simulate indoor night lighting effects adding an amazingly elegant appeal. This model is a layered building with rich and diverse interior decoration. The first floor of this model is the clothing area, with cash counters, fitting rooms, etc. The second floor is the rest area; the third floor is the top of the clothing store
LED Light accessories included. The set is compatible with all major brick building brands and contains more than 2805 pieces. Measures about 35.2 cm high, 26 cm long, and 26 cm wide.

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