Dark Green Bonsia Tree Building Block Toy 7 Inch Tall 343 Piece Building Block Bonsia Tree for Playsets or Display


Only 10 pieces in stock!

General Jim's Dark Green Bonsia Tree Building Block Playset. Bonsai have been respected for many years in the ancient art of Feng Shui. They are believed to have an ability to draw life energies into a room, sharing them gladly with all who pass through. As a center piece of conversation, and living forces, a Bonsai can quickly spread joy and contentment to all who see it.This bonsia or even a set of bonsia could bring beauty and peace to any city or park set. The tree base is 5in x5in, the tree iself is 7 in tall and 10+ inches wide. The bonsia set has 343 pieces. The blocks in this set are compatible with all major brand building blocks.

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